Thesis Development Workshops

The Burnett Honors College Office of Research and Civic Engagement provides several workshops during the fall and spring semesters that support undergraduate students who are writing their theses through the Honors in the Major program.  These workshops bring faculty members and experts from the UCF community to provide guidance on thesis preparation as well as student development.  

Citation Management (RefWorks and Endnote) and Library Research Tools
There are two parts to this workshop.  The first provides an introduction to using EndNote and RefWorks to collect and organize citations, generate bibliographies, and export citations from library databases.  The presenters will also demonstrate how both programs work with Microsoft Word.  The second focuses on how to locate articles and other publications through UCF Library databases, and also covers other services that the UCF Library offers for student researchers.

Selecting a Committee and Drafting a Proposal

Students will gain a better understanding of how to select and coordinate a thesis committee, and what the roles and responsibilities of each member will be during the thesis writing process.  Students will also be given supplemental information on how to draft a proposal and the procedures of submitting the proposal to the thesis committee for review.

From Thesis to Peer-Reviewed Article:  Publishing in Academic Journals
This workshop focuses on how to prepare at least one journal manuscript from an undergraduate thesis, with particular emphasis on submitting a manuscript for publication in the UCF Undergraduate Research Journal.  Students will learn about the process of submitting an article for publication consideration; topics that will be covered include how to identify which journals might be appropriate for the topic of the manuscript, what to expect from a blind review, and final publication rights.   

Preparing for the Oral Thesis Defense
This workshop gives students an idea of what to expect at their thesis defense. The presenter will specifically discuss ways in which students can prepare their oral thesis presentation, the materials that students should have available to their committees at the defense, and what to expect after the defense concludes.