Research at The Burnett Honors College

Whether it is the need to develop an intellectual curiosity or a desire for academic growth, students of all disciplines have the opportunity to enhance their education by becoming active participants in research. Undergraduate research is not limited to a “type”; every student can benefit academically and personally from research experience. While academic class work provides the basic principles of each area of study, individual scholarly exploration affords students a well-roundedness that culminates in a contribution to the future of that disciplines understanding. Additionally, students who design their own research projects or become involved as a team member in a faculty mentor’s research are making a solid commitment to a world of knowledge.

The Burnett Honors College has had a long tradition of providing students with exceptional research experiences. Available to every undergraduate student at the University of Central Florida, The Burnett Honors College offers two exemplary research programs that augment the undergraduate academic career: Burnett Research Scholars (formerly SMART), and Honors in the Major. By becoming involved in these programs, students have the opportunity to develop their own ideas, network with the campus community, and create valuable relationships with faculty. Students who have participated in these research programs have maintained a competitive edge when applying to graduate school and the job market, presented at conferences both nationally and globally, published in academic journals, and received prestigious scholarships, fellowships and study abroad opportunities.